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Acupuncture is an ancient Taoist therapeutic practice originally developed in China. The idea is that two life forces known as the yin and the yang must be balanced to produce the life force, known as chi. This chi energy flows through the body along fourteen different pathways.
  Acupuncture for Face Lift
  Acupuncture & Stop Smoking
  Acupuncture for Allergy
  Acupuncture for Weight Decrease
  Acupuncture for Pain Relief
  Acupuncture & Paralysis
Acupuncture for Face Lift

The idea is that wrinkles and sagginess in the face is caused by life forces out of balance in other parts of the body. By inserting small needles just beneath the skin, acupuncture supposedly modifies the energy flow in the body by releasing endorphins and other chemicals. The use of acupuncture for the face has been in practice for just over 20 years. It is believed that wrinkles evolve from specific muscular movements. A skilled and licensed acupuncturist can examine your body and identify the root cause of your facial wrinkles. Treatment will then commence on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for several weeks. Younger patients only require a month and a half worth of treatment, while older ones will probably require two to three months. The needles won't necessarily be inserted in your face.

If a specific wrinkle is caused by imbalances in the spleen, for instance, the needles will be inserted in the spleen area. With each successive acupuncture therapy, patients typically notice gradual improvement of their energy levels and skin tone.

Acupuncture & Stop Smoking
Smoking addiction is due to the nicotine inhaled into the bloodstream, which then occupies the brain endorphin receptor sites. Endorphins are natural opium-like chemicals released by the brain that make us feel good. Its release is stimulated mainly by physical exercise and spiritual activities such as praying or meditation.

Nicotine suppresses the brain's production of endorphins and occupies the receptor sites in the brain, making the smoker feel good as long as he continues smoking. When a smoker stops smoking, the endorphin receptor sites remain empty and unstimulated, making the smoker feel the familiar uncontrollable withdrawal symptoms and the intense craving to smoke. The problem is that nicotine suppresses natural endorphin production to such a low level that takes many weeks or months to recover.

Acupuncture is believed to stimulate natural brain endorphin release, bypassing the long wait for natural endorphin production, thus removing the craving and decreasing the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. However, multiple detailed medical studies have shown no significant evidence that it is effective although it appeared more superior to not having any measures at all.
Acupuncture for Allergy
Acupuncture for allergies? It's true. As the ancient Eastern healing practice gains respect in the Western world, some allergy sufferers are opting for the thin needles of an acupuncturist over allergy shots.

Treatment with acupuncture can either dramatically lessen someone's allergic reactions, or, in some cases, it can actually help the person tolerate what previously caused the sneezing and wheezing.
Acupuncture for Weight Decrease

Acupuncture points within the ear are used for general detoxification and weight loss. Five tiny needles are placed in each ear, All but one have specific organs within the body that they correspond with. The organs include the lung, kidneys, liver and nervous system, the other point is for relaxation.

After these are placed you will be asked to relax. The treatment will stimulate the production of endorphins which are the "feel good" chemicals. This helps to fight cravings for carbohydrates, decrease appetite, and in instance of substance abuse, help with withdrawal symptoms.

Acupuncture for Pain Relief
For acute conditions, such as injuries, permanent pain relief often results after only a small number of treatments. For chronic conditions, progress is slower but progressive. After a series of treatments, some patients are pain free and stay that way. Others may need periodic follow-up treatments to manage the pain in a drug-free way.

Acupuncture does not just relieve pain but in many cases also helps with the healing process. It stimulates the circulation of blood and healing energy in the diseased area. The idea of healing energy, called chi in the Chinese language, is not popular in Western medicine, which comprehends the body and mind only in biochemical terms, but it is an important part of acupuncture theory, as well as many other traditional healing systems. When the chi of the body is balanced, other health problems seemingly unrelated to the pain often begin to improve.

What painful conditions does acupuncture treat? It is used effectively for the
- Back pain - Sciatica
- Neck pain - Shoulder pain
- Knee pain - Headache
- Toothache - Post-herpes neuralgia
- Athletic injuries - Accident injuries
Acupuncture & Paralysis  
Acupuncture has been applied to treat paralysis patients as long ago as the first Chinese medical publications appeared in print. In the book "Shu-Wen" (Huang-Ti Nei-Ching) it is stated that the most important points in treating paralysis is on the Stomach meridian.

At least one of the following cerebral acupuncture points has been used, depending on the patient's condition:

  - Motor point
  - Sensitivity point
  - Controlling tremors and chorea point
  - Vertigo point
  - Speech point I and point 2
  - Walking coordination point
  - Equilibrium point

The needles used for cerebral acupuncture are 30-gauge Chinese needles, 1 1/2 and 2 inches in length. Electrostimulation was given using a low-voltage current of 200 cycles per minute for an average duration of 10 to 20 minutes.
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