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Here you will find testimonials from Dr. Tirananmongkol V. 's various cosmetic surgical rejuvenation patients.
  Testimonial 1 : Mrs. Rosette Gilder Secchi with Face Lift
  Testimonial 2 : Ms. Annmarie Bulton with Abdominoplasty
  Testimonial 3 : Ms. Gina with Breast Enlargement
  Testimonial 4 : Mrs. Pohle with Face Lift
  Testimonial 5 : Mr. Juan Carlos Cifuentes with Acupuncture
  Testimonial 6 : Kelly
  Testimonial 7 : Juliann
  Testimonial 8 : Nicola Bonny
  Testimonial 9 : miss. Henriette Veronica Ber with breasts

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  Testimonial 1 : Mrs. Rosette Gilder Secchi with Face Lift    see source file...
Dear Dr Veerawat :

I would just like to thank you for the professional attitude and care shown by you and your staff.
Having a full face lift my age (77) is a bit of worry, but the advice and the way in which the operation including aftercare was conducted, help put my mind at ease. It has now been 3 months since the operation and I must say I will returning to Corsica looking some 15 years younger. That 's what I call a holiday. My advice to anybody thinking of having cosmetic surgery, see Dr. Veerawat if you want fantastic results with professional care. Once again thank you and I hope to see you again in the future.

Mrs. Rosette Gilder Secchi


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  Testimonial 2 : Ms. Annmarie Bulton with Abdominoplasty    see source file...
It has more than a year since my tummy tuck surgery. I could not be happier with the outcome. Dr.V, Staff at hospital were all professional, kind, friendly and all went as planned on schedule. Going to a foreign country to have major surgery could have been frightening. My experience was secure and safe. I highly recommend Dr.V Tirananmongkol. I am thankful for the positive effect he has had on my life.

Permission given to use this statement in any way

Thank you
Annmarie Bulton
Oct 2004


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  Testimonial 3 : Ms. Gina with Breast Lift    see source file...
I would like to thank you for doing my breast operation. I am very very happy with the result and I look very good. My first impression about you and your clinic was super. I felt vary safe here. The whole experience with the first session the operation and the night in Phuket hospital was fantastic. I was very good taken care of and felt safe all the time. It is very good that we come back for checking and taking massage after the operation. I knew that this is not included in Norway.

Thank you very much

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  Testimonial 4 : Mrs. Pohle with Face Lift    see source file...
My name is the Pohle and I come from Germany. I am 64 years old and my face looked like a wife more than 80 years old. Since long year before I want not see a photo of me. My family and friends often speak about my skin with me. But I was not able to change. This year my husband and I found Dr. V in Patong and ask him if he can help me. At 9 pf January 2005, I go to hospital for operation and stay there only for two nights. In the morning of 11 January a wonder was happened. I could not believe what I saw! Since this day my life changed completely. Now I am so lucky wnd say many many thanks to Dr.V. I hope he can help much more people and make them happy.

Thank you Dr. V

The Pohle

    Testimonial 5 : Mr. Juan Carlos Cifuentes with Acupuncture    see source file...
I came to the clinic with knee pain and a bad hamstring muscle (). After 4 treatments my knee pain is gone. The hamstring is 90% better. Thank you Dr. Sirikul and the beautiful staff for taking care of my health. I'll miss you.

Juan C. Cifuentes,
A happy patient.

    Testimonial 6 : Kelly   see source file...
27 January 2006

Dear Dr. Veerawat Tirananmongkol,

I just wanted to send a letter of recommendation to you and your staff for the outstanding professional care I received while in your care from the 11th of January to the 23rd of January 2006.

From the very first email correspondence to our first "in person" meeting, thru the surgery itself and aftercare I felt extremely comfortable and had no second thoughts to the care received by you and your staff. I have had many friends and family members who underwent breast augmentation and I feel the level of care I received was much more detailed than the care my friends and family members received.

For anyone who is considering plastic surgery I would highly recommend you for your upfront realistic expectations on what you are able to provide to a potential client. I came into our meeting with firm knowledge on the entire procedure and the desired result I wished to achieve. You were able to take my wants and needs and give me exactly what I was looking for without telling me what I only wanted to hear. I am very pleased with my outcome and would not change a single thing. I feel the right implant volume, placement, implant style and incision site were all selected in a manner which related best to my body type thus, obtaining a natural look without appearing "fake".

In addition, I also wanted to let people know about the discomfort phase of the operation...notice I did not use the word "pain". I did not feel pain. Yes, there were times of discomfort, but nothing I was not able to handle. The only thing I felt was problematic for me was sleeping supported upright on my back for about 8 days, after that I was able to sleep on my side with support and would need to change sides frequently throughout the night but it gave my back a much needed break. The only thing I would change when I was in the hospital would be: placing the phone, remote, nurse button, and bed adjuster to within easy reach since you are unable to stretch your arms out.

Seond, my recovery care by your aide was outstanding. Instead of having to drive 30 minutes to your office each morning you had her meet me at my hotel and we were able to perform the compression exercises there. At first the compression exercises were tender but bearable, and after 3 days of it there was a considerable change in the look and feel of my breast implants. I now see how important this step is in taking care of your implants and I will continue to perform the exercises as necessary. Also your care in removing and changing my bandages and stitches were awesome as you took care not to cause me any pain. In addition I believe what also helped me the most is that I was out walking around (at a slow pace with frequent stops) only 3 days after my operation.

Finally, It has now been just a little over 2 weeks since my operation and I will continue to send updated pictures of the breast augmentation and close ups of my incision sites so you are able to review them. Please feel free to share my photos and experience with others as I believe an informed potential client makes a great patient.

Keep up the great work and I hope you have continued success in your practice.


    Testimonial 7 : Juliann
- hello dott vee.thank you so much. i'am so happy. you have done a very good job.now i'am beautiful.

kisses from italy.

    Testimonial 8 : Nicola Bonny
Hello Dr v and all the wonderful staff at the patong surgery.

I would just like to thank you all for your kindness and very friendly service while I was in your care.

I will be recommending you to friends and family and will most certainly return to your clinic.

Thanks again

Nicola Bonny

    Testimonial 9 : miss. Henriette Veronica Ber with breasts
Dear Dr.V.

On behaf of me and my new breasts.

I would like to say big thank you for your kind treatment and hospitality.It was very professional and very nice done. You made me fell like i was in good hands all the time.If i would ever like to have anything else done i will be back, its not my last time in phuket. i Would say that i off cause was a little worried about going home before everythings was 100% okay, and after 12 hours in a plain with to kids i fell like crying all day long because of the pain and the swelling. Now i can just wait. I will get back to you in 2 months and send some picture with the final results. I whish you all good in the feature with the clinic.

Best regards
miss. Henriette Veronica Berg

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